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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Expert Addiction Treatment Marketing

Effective, ethical marketing design for all addiction audiences and levels of rehab care.

The need for addiction recovery is higher than ever due to many factors, including the stress and isolation arising from the COVID pandemic, economic challenges, the ongoing opioid crisis, and increased prescription drug usage. While expanded insurance coverage is helping more people get the help they need, addiction treatment centers of all sizes are finding it increasingly difficult to remain competitive. 

More and more rehab centers are consolidating to form larger enterprise brands across the United States. These mergers and consolidations mean recovery centers are not only competing amongst long-standing providers in their marketplace but also with an influx of new, well-funded, marketing-savvy, national providers. 

Healthcare Success is a full-service drug rehab marketing agency specializing in sophisticated, ethical, and highly effective rehab marketing strategies. We help grow brands through an innovative, data-driven, personalized strategy to increase highly qualified leads and conversions. Our skilled team has more than 25 years of specialized addiction treatment digital marketing experience and has built strategic content marketing plans for leading recovery centers, including:

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Lower Your Cost Per Acquisition & Admissions with Specialized Addiction Marketing

Addiction treatment is a highly specialized and competitive industry with a high cost per acquisition. You deserve a partner with extensive first-hand experience in drug rehab marketing to help you attract more admits in a more thoughtful and cost-efficient way.

We’ll deliver more high-value admission inquiries by improving your online presence and brand reputation with proven tactics in search engine marketing in addiction treatment.

We also take time to fully understand your insurance carrier and reimbursement plans when developing your integrated marketing strategy. This allows us to deliver content and messaging that helps more people get frictionless access to their needed services.


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Expert Rehab Marketing Designed For All Your Levels of Care

We provide a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan, on-demand reporting, and analytics to meet your unique business needs.

Over the years, we have leveraged unique selling propositions (USPs) and key differentiators to elevate addiction recovery centers across the country. We offer deep rehab marketing knowledge, understand the unique challenges of the addiction treatment industry, and support all levels of care, including:

  • Detoxification and Medically Managed Withdrawal
  • Long- and Short-Term Residential Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment
  • Continuing Care
  • Telehealth
  • Specialized Therapy
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Comprehensive Marketing for Every Aspect of the Customer Journey

It’s your job to provide holistic healing and recovery to those struggling with alcohol use disorders and substance use disorders.

It’s our job to provide integrated healthcare marketing services for every facet of your business and the customer journey.

Many agencies focus solely on SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. While these fundamental steps are important, your best results will likely come from an integrated approach. That’s why we consider everything from your brand, traditional media, business development, and social media to your extended target audiences (e.g., family members, loved ones, the court system, counselors, mental healthcare workers, and social service specialists). 

We understand each step of the customer journey, how to drive highly qualified inquiries, and have our finger on the pulse of this constantly evolving marketplace to ensure we’re targeting the correct audiences and keywords.

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Our Agency Embraces Ethical Addiction Treatment Marketing Practices

While a few rogue addiction treatment providers appear to be more motivated by profits than people, our agency proudly supports ethical providers who refuse to engage in misleading sales tactics, deceptive advertising, unethical marketing practices, insurance fraud, and patient brokering.

Unethical marketing tactics and business practices harm far too many vulnerable people struggling with drug use disorders. We embrace the highest legal and quality standards in the healthcare industry and are committed to building smart, effective, and ethical addiction treatment marketing practices that help your recovery center outshine the competition.

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We’re a proud member of and adhere to NAATP values, membership conditions, and the NAATP Code of Ethics.
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Blending Addiction Treatment Industry Expertise With Integrated Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Business

If you’re relying on outdated or limited marketing strategies to grow your addiction treatment business, it’s time to embrace our integrated marketing process. With our skilled addiction treatment marketing agency, you can:

  • Increase revenue more quickly,
  • Target and attract highly qualified leads more effectively,
  • Track and monitor digital marketing campaigns with precision,
  • And build stronger, more meaningful relationships with your target audience and their families.
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