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Traditional Media Advertising

Traditional Media Advertising with a Modern Approach

Increase engagement and accelerate conversions with a comprehensive marketing strategy including radio, television, outdoor, direct mail, and print advertising.

Accessing the full potential of radio, television, billboard, or print ads requires a sophisticated strategy and truly remarkable creative. At Healthcare Success, we’ll develop effective traditional media advertising that can stand alone or integrate seamlessly with digital
media channels.

In fact, our senior media buyer has first-hand experience in over 190 of the top 210 Designated Market Area (DMA) media markets. Our media buying team members are experts at planning and negotiating media based on market data, demographics, and cost per thousand impressions (CPMs).

We’ve helped hundreds of brands succeed with fresh, award-winning traditional advertising campaigns, ongoing campaign monitoring, and analysis. Our direct-response approach drives phone and web inquiries more efficiently than you’ll find almost anywhere.

Our traditional solutions include




Direct Mail


Live Events

Leave listeners wanting more with radio spots that tease your app or website.

Give consumers a reason to pause with television ads that inspire action.

Persuade on-the-go consumers to earmark your website with billboards, posters, and digital displays.

Direct Mail
Increase conversions with postcards and brochures that drive traffic to your website.

Move leads from magazines and newspapers to custom landing pages.

Live Events
Engage healthcare consumers on the ground, where they live, work and play.

Unlock the full potential of your traditional marketing strategy
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Maximize Media Buys and Drive More Leads to Your Digital Channels

Increase brand exposure, drive more website traffic, and track leads more effectively when you tap into best-of-class traditional media advertising campaigns that dovetail into the ever-expanding digital space.

Healthcare Success is a digital-first, fully integrated medical advertising agency. Our healthcare marketing plan provides a full suite of traditional marketing services—creative campaign concepts, branding, logo development, company naming, television, radio, and billboards.

We’ll analyze your existing advertising strategies and deliver powerful solutions that meet at the intersection of digital and traditional advertising. We’re also skilled in negotiating the best media buys for your local or national audiences, maximizing your spend, driving more leads to your digital channels, and providing real-time, actionable metrics.

Our digital advertising solutions include

Paid Social
Amplify audience engagement with hyper-relevant paid social ads and organic content.

Paid Search
Increase customer loyalty and optimize conversions in a cost-effective, measurable way.

Programmatic Display
Target customers with paid ads that appear based on various targeting parameters.

Native Advertising
Fight ad fatigue and increase conversions with native display ads that seamlessly blend into health and medical websites.

Attract a larger audience, increase conversions, and grow your business
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Improve Advertising Efforts With 24-Hour Access to Real-Time Analytics

Unlike many healthcare advertising agencies, we don’t shy away from reporting the results of our campaigns.

In fact, we insist on it. We use call tracking numbers, HIPAA-compliant phone recordings, and web analytics to track the effectiveness of your medical advertising. We’ll continually track, test, and optimize your campaigns to maximize their effectiveness and minimize your cost per lead.

Our traditional media advertising team will plan your media, negotiate and buy on your behalf, and deliver results for you.

Increase exposure, drive more online activity, and track leads more effectively
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