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Clinical Trials

Maximize Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials With the Healthcare Experts

Whether you’re competing with other clinical trials for the exact same patients, struggling with minimal doctor-to-doctor referrals, or lacking clear recruitment tactics, enrolling highly-qualified clinical trial participants is challenging.

At Healthcare Success, our team of marketing experts has specialized in finding, attracting, and delivering highly-qualified patient leads to doctors, physicians, and other healthcare providers for more than two decades.

We can do the same for your next clinical trial or study.

Our skilled patient recruitment agency can help you create digital advertising that fosters community partnerships, attracts diverse participants, and integrates prescreening activities, so you can find the right patients more quickly and never miss another enrollment deadline.

We help institutions, practices, and independent research sites find, attract, qualify, and deliver highly desirable patients for clinical trials through local and study-specific patient recruitment marketing campaigns.

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Expedite Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials with Unmatched Skill and Experience

Recruit more high-quality patient leads for phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials with our innovative, data-driven, and personalized marketing strategies.

We partner with physicians or medical facilities with patients they’d like to recommend for clinical trials. We also support CROs (clinical research organizations) who want to supplement their patient recruitment efforts, which helps expedite the clinical trial process.

We know regulatory guidelines play an important role in applying various marketing strategies within clinical trials and know how to ethically maneuver within them. We can help your clinical trial stay on track and drive eligible patients to your study.

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Integrated Marketing Approach to Clinical Trial Recruitment

Our seasoned team of patient recruitment experts works closely with you to build a customized recruitment plan. These plans aim to reach patients and appeal to their sensibilities through creative marketing content shared strategically across digital and offline channels.

We offer deep experience in nearly every medical specialty, including:

  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Orthopedics
  • Psychiatry
  • And more
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Acquire More Eligible Patients with Proven Methods

We have proven strategies to find, engage, attract, and qualify highly desirable patients and can customize them to meet your unique enrollment goals.

In addition to building custom, patient-centric websites, we can employ the following tactics to help you conquer your enrollment goals for patient recruitment in clinical trials:

Direct recruitment
Attract the general population with consumer digital or offline recruiting. Digital marketing tactics may include paid search, paid social, programmatic advertising, websites, and landing pages. Offline media may include radio, print, and more.

Internal recruitment
Leverage existing patient databases with email and direct mail (ensuring compliance).

Doctor-to-doctor recruitment
Communicate with referring providers within your geographic area to gain access to and recruit more patients from different groups or practices.

Advocacy Group recruitment
Promote your clinical trial and interact with potential patients by sharing information about your clinical trial on patient advocacy pages or platforms (with permission).

Our Integrated Marketing Services
Content Marketing
Captivating your target audience with educational content that’s relevant, timely, and engaging.
Paid Search
The fastest way to drive new patient appointments, our search and display advertising strategies get more than clicks—they get appointments.
Organic and Paid Social
Join the conversation online, build your brand, and send powerful “social signals” to Google and other search engines.
Leverage Healthcare SEO to rank at the top of search engines with proven strategies that get you to the top of the search results that matter most to patients.
Programmatic Display
Leveraging user behavior and displaying relevant ads to anyone searching for or interacting with your content.
Traditional Advertising
Increase engagement and accelerate conversions with a comprehensive marketing strategy including radio, television, outdoor, direct mail, and print advertising.
Contact Healthcare Success when you’re looking for reliable clinical trial recruitment companies. We offer the patient-centric advertising, branded clinical trial websites, and strong marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies you need for successful patient recruitment in clinical trials.
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