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Content Marketing Services

Convert Consumers with Expert Healthcare Content Marketing

Getting health and medical content right requires deep industry knowledge. Our experienced healthcare marketing writers and strategists establish your brand’s expertise, authority, and trust through data-driven strategy, specialized content creation, and multi-channel distribution.

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Specialized Healthcare Content Marketing

Orchestrating Meaningful Connections

We’ll craft ethical, on-brand messaging that empathizes with your target audience while giving them the information they need along the patient journey.

We know patients, and we know doctors.
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Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

From increasing organic traffic and engagement to creating a better patient experience, Healthcare Success will help you achieve your business goals through building a strong, measurable digital marketing and content strategy. We can also help define your content KPIs.

Consider this the planning phase of the project. After we’ve understood your business and healthcare content marketing goals, we get to work to establish an effective strategy. Part of this process includes gathering data and conducting research to better understand your target audience.

Some of the work consists of keyword research, search data, website analytics, and competitor research. Our marketing strategists also work closely with our healthcare SEO experts to identify content gaps and recommend tweaks or improvements, new pages, and new content types. The final strategy is presented to you, along with a plan for how we’ll measure the success.

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Healthcare Content Creation

Health content brings the voice of your organization to life. It’s valuable to your audience, defines your offerings, and includes the keywords people use in search. Our experienced healthcare writers and subject-matter experts know how to craft quality content that increases brand awareness, engagement, conversions, and satisfaction.

The content creation process at Healthcare Success involves a talented team of writers, editors, subject matter experts, designers, and web developers. Along with your brand personas, our writers use the data provided by our strategists to better understand the people you’re trying to reach and connect with online. Our experienced writers communicate your message in your brand voice and tone while also considering SEO and healthcare marketing best practices.

During the content creation phase, SEO experts offer both on-page and technical SEO guidance. Finally, they are the specialists we rely on to track content performance and help in the analysis process to fine-tune strategies and meet medical content marketing goals. Content is delivered on schedule with feedback from your team.

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Multi-Channel Distribution & Amplification

The modern health organization offers a complex journey of digital, virtual, and in-person experiences. Medical brands must provide content everywhere their patient audience might be. Whether it’s a website, social network, or an app, we’ll define channel opportunities and amplify them.

Once content is created, we help publish the copy and get the right eyes on your messaging.

At Healthcare Success, we use a multi-channel approach to content distribution, which includes a mix of organic and paid distribution channels to reach your patients where they are right now.

There are three main channels for publishing content:

Website, Blog, Social Media Accounts

Display ads, Social Media Ads, Pay-per-click, Traditional ads

Media, Review Sites, Industry/trade publications

The best content marketing campaigns have the power to dominate search results and garner the attention you want from papers and publications. With multi-channel marketing, you’re able to meet your patients where they are to increase engagement, improve customer loyalty, and prove your ROI.

Complete Healthcare Content Marketing Services

Types of Healthcare Content

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Essential Healthcare Content

  • Website Content and Landing Pages
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Media
  • Testimonials
  • E-books
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Guides

Content Planning Services

  • SEO Audit / Content Recommendations
  • Competitor Research and Insights
  • Customer Personas
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Keyword Research and Strategy
  • Editorial Calendar and Planning
  • It's all about healthcare content marketing
As an extension of your team, let us handle the considerations of producing quality health and medical content to grow your brand. With specific industry knowledge and experience, our healthcare content marketing agency knows how to communicate with patients and doctors – that’s our story.
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