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Marketing to Medicare Advantage Patients

Reach More Patients With Ethical Medicare Advantage Marketing

We can help you point more seniors to your practice or hospital with a Medicare Advantage marketing plan. Don’t miss out on the chance to help seniors get the care they need and bring more loyal patients to your doors.

10,000 seniors turn 65 every day, and they have 7 months to decide which plan is the right choice. You can help steer them in the right direction through ethical and effective targeted marketing campaigns—and we can help make that happen.

Attract more seniors turning 65 or during open enrollment

We help you target more patients 65+ with a plan that works in their best interest–and yours. Our Medicare Advantage marketing ideas and plans help you to find qualified patient prospects and bring them back to your hospital or practice time and time again. Many seniors in your area trust Advantage HMO plans already, and many others are just beginning to look for the best plan.

For the 7 months around their birthdays and during Medicare Open Enrollment from October 15 to December 7 each year, we can promote your hospital or practice to Medicare Advantage plan patients, or help steer patients towards the right plans. Original Medicare can have gaps in coverage that force people to miss out services and procedures–don’t let that happen to your patients.

Retain patients with proven marketing to Medicare Advantage patients

We specialize in creating targeted digital and traditional healthcare marketing campaigns. Bring more qualified patients to your door and keep them coming back for longer with our assistance in the following:

  • Targeted mail and email campaigns
  • Hospital newsletters
  • Community events
  • Retargeting and pay-per-click ads
  • Facebook and other social media ads
  • Partnering with a plan sponsor to hold events outside of your office or in common entryways, providing educational or promotional material
  • Broadcast TV and radio
  • Print advertisements

See our How to Market to Medicare Advantage Plan Patients blog for more information, and give us a call at (800) 656-0907 for a consultation on Medicare Advantage marketing rules.

Partner with a leading healthcare marketing agency and Medicare Advantage experts

Healthcare Success has partnered with MySeniorHealthPlan to help you put together a marketing plan that will bring more Medicare Advantage patients through your doors. Whether you’re looking to bring in new patients or retain existing patients as they turn 65, we can help you find a strategy that works for your top service lines or specialties.

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