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Programmatic Display AND OTT / ctv

Increase Brand Exposure With Healthcare Programmatic Advertising Display

Create moments of serendipity with programmatic healthcare advertising that places hyper-targeted ads in front of qualified leads as people navigate the web or enjoy their favorite streaming services.

With over a decade of specialized ad-buying experience in the healthcare industry, Healthcare Success broadens your reach and modernizes your digital marketing strategy to attract new audiences.

Our team of programmatic ad buying experts can place your ads on highly-trafficked news sites and relevant blogs, and also video-on-demand (VOD), over-the-top (OTT), and connected TV (CTV) advertising to provide digitally-savvy consumers with consistent and relevant brand experiences.

Programmatic advertising in its many forms can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Provide insight into your audience
  • Reach and target new audiences
  • Boost ROI
  • Decrease overall ad spend
  • Increase ad visibility
  • Support paid search 
  • And more
Reach the right person in the right context on their path to conversion.
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Engage Healthcare Consumers, Increase Sales, and Maximize ROI

Build brand awareness, acquire more customers, generate sales, use strategically invested ad dollars, reach your most valuable audiences, and deliver meaningful one-on-one ad experiences.

As audiences become ever more fragmented, programmatic healthcare advertising aims to deliver the scalable campaigns, continual optimization, and actionable insights you need to maximize your spend and reach strategic goals.

Our experts are highly skilled in managing automated demand-side platforms (DSPs) to deliver hyper-targeted messages to granular audiences.

We’ll work with your in-house team to optimize your performance-based goals, allowing you to reach new users and gain insights into their behavior across channels.

Here’s how we do it
Audience Targeting
Maximize ad spend by segmenting consumers based on interests or demographic data.
Sync messaging across all devices (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.) to ensure a cohesive user experience.
Contextual or
Keyword Targeting
Target web pages based on relevant keywords and related content.
Increase conversions with personalized ads based on shopping habits and product interests.
Deliver unique content using location- or event-based targeting.
Drive increased engagement with personalized ads based on recent user activity.
Custom Site
Connect with consumers who’ve already shown an interest in your business.
1st and 3rd Party
Leverage data to create and target ‘look-a-like’ consumers most likely to convert.
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Benefits of Programmatic Healthcare Advertising

Healthcare Success utilizes leading ad-buying technologies and leverages enterprise-level tactics to execute sophisticated digital media campaigns for your business. We support all types of healthcare organizations, including health systems, health consumer brands, multilocation practices, insurers, pharma, devices, and more.

Whether you’re sophisticated in programmatic display advertising, need to overhaul existing campaigns, or starting from scratch, we’ll streamline and automate your healthcare programmatic advertising campaigns with skill and precision.

Well-executed healthcare marketing services help your business:

Target with precision
Unlike traditional ads, digital ads have more granular targeting capabilities and can reach highly specialized consumer bases. Leverage healthcare programmatic advertising to locate patients and healthcare consumers in need of your services and systematically eliminate those who aren’t.

Increase conversions
Programmatic healthcare advertising allows you to target your most valuable prospects. Prospects can click through to a custom landing page or website, increasing conversions. Give potential patients direct access to your services and get them to take action faster.

Optimize ad strategy
Programmatic ads provide robust and more valuable metrics than traditional ads. With our comprehensive data set, the team of programmatic ad buying specialists at Healthcare Success delivers broad (e.g., the number of people that viewed your ad, the number of people that clicked through to your site) and granular (e.g., the number of people that paused the ad and never returned and the number of people that viewed your ad but did not click) insights.

Reach consumers across devices
Viewers interact with your ads on various smart devices (e.g., smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other connected devices). Share hyper-relevant ads on the devices your target audience uses and trusts the most.

Optimize ad spend, increase brand awareness, and generate sales with a proven healthcare programmatic agency
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Go Beyond Linear TV Advertising and Reach Digital Audiences with the Automated Precision of OTT and CTV

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OTT Advertising

Over-the-top advertising (OTT) is content delivered directly to viewers through streaming video or video on demand (VOD). OTT is “over the top'' because it offers advertisers the chance to reach consumers who are not traditional cable TV or satellite subscribers. OTT allows businesses to reach new audiences at scale streaming video content continues to rise in popularity. OTT options can include advertising supported Hulu, Peacock, Tubi, Paramount+, and others. Consumers can consume OTT content on desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and CTV devices (see below).

Benefits of OTT video over traditional TV include:

  • Precise targeting
  • Enhanced ad relevance
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved accountability
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CTV advertising

CTV stands for connected TV devices (e.g., Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, and gaming consoles) that customers use to watch TV or video content online. Compared to viewing OTT content via computers or smartphones, connected TV offers the user experience of linear television. Both broader OTT and CTV specifically offer highly effective ways to reach users who've cut the cord on traditional cable.

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Native Advertising

Increase brand engagement and give your target audience a seamless experience with custom-branded, native ad content.

Programmatic native advertising is a unique way to attract digital customers—not interrupt them. This non-intrusive ad format delivers engaging content and compelling designs that organically blend into the editorial style of websites, news platforms, and social media channels.

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