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Healthcare Social Media Marketing: Influence High-Value Audiences & Raise ROI

Dominate social media platforms and amplify audience engagement with hyper-relevant paid and organic social media campaigns from Healthcare Success, a skilled healthcare social media marketing agency.

Paid social media ads have the power to influence healthcare consumers quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale. They open new doors to brand awareness, audiences, conversions, and sales.

Whether you’re sophisticated in social media marketing, need to overhaul existing campaigns, or are unsure where to start, Healthcare Success can elevate your strategy and deliver results.

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Expand Your Brand and Healthcare Business with High-ROI Paid Social Media Advertising

Armed with best practices, our medical social media marketing services combine content and creative expertise with extensive ad buying experience to attract high-value audiences and deliver optimal ad spend ROI.

Our social media strategists have deep experience building, managing, testing, and optimizing large-scale paid social media campaigns across leading platforms. We run countless tests every week to analyze results and ensure our clients are on target to reach—or exceed—growth goals.

We create influential, data-driven ads and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline audience profiling, automate ad creation, and multiply conversions for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, and other leading platforms.

Optimize ad spend and attract more high-value leads!
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Maximize Engagement and Conversions with Our Full-Funnel Approach to Paid Social Media

Healthcare Success is a full-service digital marketing and social media agency, which means we carefully consider each step of the customer journey and use built-in ad tools to create new or retargeting ad campaigns that speak to each stage of purchase.

This full-funnel approach to healthcare social media marketing builds a cohesive brand experience and nurtures consumer relationships by sharing consistent messages across multiple platforms and driving high-intent audiences to relevant landing pages.

Here's How We Do It
Social Goals
Review insights, offer new knowledge, and develop actionable and measurable goals.
Target Audiences
Identify your most valuable, aspirational, B2B, and influencer audience segments.
a Channel Strategy
Determine primary and secondary social platforms for your audience.
Data-Driven Ads
Create inspiring copy and beautiful creative that drive performance.
Monitor ad participation and reach a broader audience within your targeted demographics.
Automate, Optimize, Scale & Repeat
Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automate multivariate testing and optimize returns.
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Elevate Your Social Media Presence with Compelling Ad Creative that Converts

Our in-house social, content, and design teams work in tandem to develop thumb-stopping paid ad creatives that promote
your business and establish an instant connection
with look-alike audiences whose demographics, characteristics, and interests are similar to those of your followers.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Our Services
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Build Trust, Loyalty, and Relationships With Engaging Organic Social Media Campaigns and Content

In addition to expanding your brand with research-based paid healthcare social media services, Healthcare Success can also partner with your internal team to create a robust social media content calendar.

Consistent, authentic, high-value social media content delivered to your followers regularly boosts your brand’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), increases engagement, cultivates brand loyalty, and creates thought leadership in your space.

Learning what resonates with your organic audience can also inform your paid social strategy and optimize ROI.

Improve your online presence and reach high-intent audiences.
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Our 6-Point Approach to Expanding Organic Social Growth

Building an organic social media audience can be challenging. It takes skill, strategy, time, and a lot of high-value content.

Here’s how our healthcare social media management strategies help brands amplify high-value content, establish brand loyalty, and build thought leadership organically across several leading social platforms: 

key audiences
Define target audiences and develop buyer personas.
social channels
Select social platforms that align with targeted demographics.
Define objectives & strategy
Outline tactics for building brand authority, loyalty, and engagement.
content calendar
Plan & create visually compelling content that establishes thought leadership.
Engage audience
Elevate the business persona with authentic conversations and high-value content.
Analyze, Optimize, Repeat
Evaluate consumer insights, refine strategies, and rejoin the conversation.
Cultivate a high-intent audience with organic social engagement
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Chart a Course for Higher Revenue With Organic and Paid Social Media Services for Healthcare

Social media is most effective when there is synergy between marketing, sales, and customer service activities. The experienced team at Healthcare Success is poised to transform your social media channels into revenue drivers that align with your business. 

Organic social media is a long-term, cost-effective strategy that works best when combined with paid social media. Together these healthcare marketing services can increase your brand’s reach and engagement while building a solid organic social presence. 

We’ve developed hundreds of successful paid social campaigns for most if not all healthcare-specific markets, including:

  • Hospitals with multiple practice locations,
  • Multilocation medical practices (PPMs), dental practices (DSOs), and other healthcare practices
  • Addiction treatment centers
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Primary & multi-specialty clinics,
  • Urgent care operators
  • Medicare Advantage

Our paid social media experts offer deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, the entire customer journey, and enterprise-level software, meaning we can effectively target your high-intent audience and influence their actions.

Whether you're connecting with your audience regularly, need help engaging your followers, or looking to build an integrated paid and organic social media strategy, our healthcare social media marketing services can transform your business with effective content and compelling ad creative that converts. 

Transform your business with powerful, authentic ad content that converts
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