• The Healthcare Success team has proven to be extremely effective in increasing Urgent Care patient volume. Their expertise in search engine optimization, social media, and online advertising continue to generate a high volume of new patient referrals to our centers. I would highly recommend them.
    Michael S. Buckley
    Director of Business Development & Physician Relations, Pomona Valley Health Centers
  • Healthcare Success has provided us (1) Spectacular TV ads that have been fruitful many times over their cost, (2) Expert, stunning copy and ad design, (3) Specialized expert consultants regarding telephone reception, physician marketing, and internet visibility and search optimization and (4) Increasingly effective and efficient marketing strategy. Their work is instrumental to our success in our hyper-competitive niche. Hiring Healthcare Success was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.
    Jonathan Calure, MD
    Maryland Vein Professionals, Chevy Chase, MD
  • We were highly impressed with the thoroughness of the onsite review and the overall marketing plan’s in-depth assessment. The Healthcare Success team was extremely knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and comprehensiveness of their review. Their recommendations were very detailed and provided us with a clear understanding of how we needed to proceed with program growth. I highly recommend the Healthcare Success team to any organization seeking ways to improve their patient volume and financial growth opportunities.
    Debra Proulx, RN, BHS, MBA, CBN
    Director of Bariatric Services – Gwinnett Medical Center
  • We began working with Healthcare Success in early 2012 to market our outpatient family medicine and urgent care centers. Their efforts included creation of branded collateral, new website for Pomona Valley Health Centers and targeted media including TV, print and search engine marketing. They also trained our staff on phone skills and customer service. Finally, they consulted on doctor referral marketing with our physician liaisons.

    As a result, our online advertising generated 750 unique phone calls between January 2012 and March 2013. Their TV advertising, print and SEO generated almost 1,400 calls between October 2012 and March 2013. The marketing represents our clinics very impressively and supports the outreach by our Physician Liaisons.

    As you can imagine we are very happy, and I recommend them highly.
    Chris Aldworth
    VP Satellite Division, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, Pomona, CA
  • You guys are blowing me away with the quality, commitment and passion of your collective work!
    Mark Kim, MD
    Vein Specialist, Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics, Puyallup, WA
  • I want to thank Healthcare Success for suggesting our first free monthly varicose vein screenings for my Mt. Vernon office in October 2013.

    Thank you for coordinating all of the details with the media of this two-day event, as well as the launch of my new website in early December.

    You’ve already helped me attract new patients that I otherwise would never have attracted to my practice and met. Long-term, I’m convinced that this strategy will help grow my business as we host future screenings in all of our offices during 2014.
    James Robelen, MD
    Medical Director, Southern Illinois Vein Center, Marion, IL
  • Thank you for the awesome job you did on my website. Since my practice area is fairly unique (providing in-home behavior therapy for children with autism), I could not use an off-the-shelf, “cookie-cutter” website. You and your staff did an amazing job understanding my practice and my market and tailoring the website to our clientele. You requested and used my input along the way but your creativity is what makes the site unique. Within the past year, we had two new competitors move into our area, so we needed to do something to maintain our market share. I would highly recommend your services to any health care professional who is serious about marketing in a professional, ethical, and effective manner.
    Dr. Steven Klein
    Licensed Psychologist, Fox Valley Autism Treatment Program, Appleton, WI
  • First, let me again extend my thanks for all that you, Stewart, Lonnie and everybody at Healthcare Success has done for us here at Syracuse Prosthetic Center. I have been meaning to write for some time, but – it’s been quite busy. Once the marketing plan was implemented, we saw a 35% increase in sales and the first part of this year show the same % of increase over last year. Far more important, however, was our 500% increase in referral sources. And a quick look at our patient population shows a 75% increase in patient population in one year!

    Working with you was the single best decision of my career.

    You are quite simply the best I have ever worked with at what you do. No frills. No gimmicks. And you go far beyond just increasing sales. You have a solid understanding of what it takes to run a healthy medical business and what needs should be addressed first, second and third. Thank you!”
    John Tyo, Owner
    Syracuse Prosthetic Center, Syracuse, NY
  • I am absolutely thrilled with how great everything turned out. Thank you so much for your hard work and patience with this project – I just couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
    Miona Gordon
    President, Southern Behavioral Services, Macon, GA
  • We are proud of the success you have generated, and will keep on utilizing your resources in all our marketing efforts.

    We have had a good response (from the radio campaign). We are really pleased with how quickly it has taken off. Our new name is really easy to remember and the script appeals to Canberrans. We have been told that they hear the ad and go straight to the website, which is another powerful marketing statement (ie if it were an ordinary site, it may be a downer, but being a strong site, it just spurs them on to call). Feedback so far is “heard your ad, it was classy, professional and memorable”. That is what you want from an ad! I think also the voice matters – she is not a typical “radio” voice and it all gels together to make a great ad. So thanks again for your great work!

    Other news – we have been approached by another cosmetic physician who has heard of Vlad’s increasing reputation and wishes to refer patients to him, as did the CEO of the largest laser clinic in Canberra. They had heard happy comments from their patients/clients and we were told by the CEO of a private hospital here that “Vlad is taking Canberra by storm”. Other specialists have been impressed with our subtle yet punchy marketing campaign, and there have been quite a few comments stating that the website is professional and really fantastic. Since adding the patient education section, we noticed that patients were more likely to stay on the site and call us. So that is great too.
    Sonja Minic
    Practice Business Manager, Integrity Plastic Surgery, Canberra, Australia
  • Healthcare Success knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to promoting medical private practice. Focused plans with huge return on investment.
    Dr. Christina Blodgett-Dycus
    Founder, Thomson Memory Center, Chicago, IL
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The seminar provides tested strategies and exposes you to multiple viewpoints that help you round out your marketing strategies and take it to the next level. My relationship with the experts at Healthcare Success is one of the most valuable professional relationships I have.
    Erin Franklin
    Marketing Director, Chicago Vein Institute, Chicago, IL
  • We are a vein center in Central PA and I attended the Health Care Success Seminar in the Summer of 2012. Prior to that we had experienced steady growth in our practice, but in the spring/summer of 2012, several other vein centers in our area opened, and a hospital health system began to purchase referring practices. All of that activity threatened our referral base. We saw a leveling off of growth and subsequently began to experience a fall off in referrals.

    Healthcare Success re-branded our name, trained our receptionists and physician liaison, optimized our website, created pay-per-click and SEO campaigns, and used a multimedia approach in our advertising, which included internal marketing, TV, radio, print, outdoor billboards and public relations. Once ‘critical mass’ was reached, we began to experience an increase in our new patient volume. Last month, we saw the largest number of new patients since we opened in 2007. We are very pleased with the response to the advertising to date.
    John A. Rossi, MD
    Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Perspicacious, bright, intuitive..effective! These are the words that describe Stewart Gandolf! A wonderful consultant both in personality and in deed! I could not give him a higher recommendation.

    In short, I do not want to mince words..he will get the job done IF you follow the plan AND you will recover your ROI if you AGREE and fully adopt and execute! Do not participate in certain aspects UNLESS you believe..if you do it will work in abundance! His group has the experience AND the expertise!

    SO what are you waiting for..today is your day..so get on your way!
    Randy M. Feldman, DDS, MS, ABO
    Feldman Orthodontics, Tampa, FL
  • I am sure that you are reading our monthly column “Dental Marketing That Works” by Stewart Gandolf and Lonnie Hirsch. They always amaze me by the new material that they come up with every month. All of their programs are tried and true.
    Dr. Joe Blaes
    Editor, Dental Economics
  • Lonnie has worked with my Orthopedic/Sports Medicine practice for the past 2 years. His ideas have helped advance my company greatly. Our marketing materials have been universally praised as very professional and impressive. Lonnie is very down to earth, easy to talk to and makes a habit of always being available.
    Marc Pietropaoli, MD
    Skaneateles, NY
  • Mr. Hirsch’s work doubled – yes DOUBLED – my dental practice in only 6 months! This is even more amazing when you consider that we already had a practice grossing three-quarters of a million dollars annually before we met Lonnie. This increase has been sustainable for over 15 years. We’re thrilled!
    Charles Tozzer, DDS
    Irvine, CA
  • Stewart has been instrumental to our ongoing success. He is extremely savvy to what works in the world of professional referrals, and his advice has been invaluable.
    Dwijen Misra, MD
    General Surgeon, Troy, MI
  • I completed the training with your trainer last week and must say it was very helpful. In the two days we spent the majority of time in the field with actual office visits and I picked up marketing ideas and sales strategies that I can incorporate and build on my skills to be most effective.

    I gathered a “wealth” of information about the Radiation Oncology field that will be very valuable! I loved the fact she’s had first hand experience with Radiation Oncology practices. She targeted ideas, points and strategies specific to marketing this specialty and how to approach each referring specialty by highlighting points they will find most important when making a referral to Radiation Oncology. Your trainer arranged for us to spend some time with her partner who is currently marketing for a Radiation Oncology practice in Phoenix. We accompanied her on several of her office visits so I was able to observe her style and approach also as a Practice Representative which was very useful.
    Tammy Brannan
    North Atlanta Radiation Oncology, Atlanta, GA
  • Stewart is a dental marketing expert who is smart, energetic, business-savvy and creative. He thinks fast, moves fast, and gets results fast (talks fast too, but I like that). He helped me with my private practice a number of years ago, and now we are now working together on a bigger, even more exciting project. I recommend him highly.
    Bob Hepps, DDS
    San Francisco, CA
  • Thanks to Lonnie, I have been able to cut all dependence on third party reimbursements in my practice. Now I have a 100% fee-based practice in cosmetic surgery, which was my goal when we first met. We achieved that goal within the first year of implementing Lonnie’s marketing approach. His results-based strategies have enabled me to achieve marketing success that fit my personality and image. I recommend him without reservation.
    Vasdev Rai, MD
    Plastic Surgeon, Dallas, TX
  • I truly enjoy receiving the Healthcare Success Marketing Advisor newsletter. It is filled with appropriate topics that are relevant to today’s economy.The newsletter does not fall short of information; it includes details that can be applied immediately. I open and read almost every single one that I get. If I don’t have time, I save them for later.
    Sandra L Clark
    Marketing Director, Radiology Associates of Hartford, PC, Hartford, CT
  • Stewart showed me how to look at marketing in a completely new way. As a result we doubled our practice in just 9 months, and since then we have never looked back.
    Paul Mitch, DMD

  • Lonnie Hirsch is a top marketing consultant. I consider him the best of the best. His expertise has helped us meet and exceed our goals for more than a decade.
    Daniel E. Andrews, III, MD

  • Stewart and his ideas took us from near zero to over a million dollars production in our very first year.
    Robert Bentz, DMD

  • Stewart is a gifted speaker and incredibly insightful. The changes we made as a result of listening to him have doubled our profits.
    Vaun De Jong, MD

  • Lonnie has the uncanny ability to zero in on key problems in a practice and develop solutions that are perfectly suited to his client. What makes him truly unique in the consulting world, however, is his honesty. Where other consultants may tell you what you want to hear, Lonnie’s ethics are above reproach. You may not always be comfortable with what he tells you, but you’ll know he’s right on target and pointing out the truth that no one else could or would tell you.
    Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A.

  • Stewart has had a relationship with our practice for many years. Most importantly, the changes we implemented to our practice allowed us to launch a worldwide charity, and as a result, the eyesight of many thousands of people has been saved.
    Ifeoma Ezekwo, MD

  • Stewart’s ideas helped my wife and I me build thriving practices in one of the most competitive marketplaces for plastic surgery in the entire country. Thank you Stewart.
    Brian Hass, MD

  • I have had the rare chance to work both with Lonnie and Stewart. Both were an absolute pleasure to work with, and both helped me grow our practice by leaps and bounds.
    Gene Sloan, MD

  • Stewart helped develop a new brand identity, marketing materials and strategies for a new practice we were opening in an untapped market. His initial efforts continue to help us to win our market share, as competition has now developed around us. His strength in understanding the healthcare environment made it easier to work along with him than choosing an agency without that knowledge.
    Lou Ann Nettekoven
    Green Bay Eye Clinic, Green Bay, WI
  • Our group decided to get input into our marketing efforts and once the search began for a top healthcare marketing firm, Healthcare Success kept showing up consistently in our search results. We interviewed Stewart Gandolf and came away very impressed, which is no small task for a group of doctors to agree on the same thing! But first impressions often aren’t last impressions. It was in our case. The entire team at Healthcare Success continued to impress us with their knowledge, skill, insight and honesty. We had some unique challenges and he helped come up with novel solutions. We definitely didn’t have a “cookie cutter” approach, but a very thoughtful, detailed and individualized approach to our situation. Overall, we were very satisfied with the entire team at Healthcare Success and would highly recommend their services.
    Dr. J. Patrick Pearsall

  • Stewart is one of the most energetic, entrepreneurial spirits I have ever met. He helped me to attract the new clients that I wanted, many of whom I still work with today. Nowadays my clients now come only from referrals, which is a huge change that I love.
    Michael Klobas, EA, CFP

  • I like the way you ethically attack marketing, because marketing isn’t always considered appropriate in the medical profession. Your ideas are very ethical and backed by strong demographics and statistics. I’m looking forward to working with you one-on-one to develop a unique marketing plan for our office. We’ll be contacting you soon!
    Mindy Tillotson
    Office Manager for Dr. Gregory Barclay
  • I found the marketing CD set very useful. The CDs were entertaining and easy to listen to. They were well organized, had a good flow, and took a complex subject and made it easy to understand, using real world examples. I enjoyed hearing different subjects addressed by the 2 experts. I learned a lot from them about what doesn’t work, as well as what does, backed up by data they shared. I found the internet marketing CD particularly timely, as we are just setting up our website. The set as a whole had many practical suggestions that we can use in our day-to-day practice, and improved our understanding of marketing techniques. This knowledge will save us time and help us to avoid marketing mistakes, saving us money as well. I have also had my staff listen to the CDs, so that we are all on the same page, and all participating in our marketing plan. I would highly recommend them to professionals interested in getting started marketing their practices.
    Jacqueline C. Castagno, MD
    Specialty Gynecology, PC, Dunwoody, GA
  • Before I purchased the CDs, I thought marketing a medical practice was unprofessional. After listening to the CDs, I realized that Lonnie and Stewart’s methods and strategies offered professional solutions to marketing which I was not hesitant to implement. Implementation of these strategies were very well received by both patients and colleagues. My use of these strategies has resulted in a very positive impact on my practice.
    Brien Dugas, MD
    Wakefield, RI
  • I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased I have been with your services, and those of Healthcare Success.

    We hired HSS to give us valuable strategic insight and direction on increasing our patient volume and becoming THE place to go to for orthopedics in central Illinois. Your team of talented strategic planners, copyrighters, web designers, media buyers, trainers, and project managers all brought their individual talents together to create a plan that was going to work best for our company and help us thrive in 2012 and beyond.

    Dealing with your writer/account manager on various components of this campaign has been a pleasure. He is timely, efficient, and keeps the ball rolling. He’s very good at keeping everyone involved in the loop of progress, changes, and recommendations.

    We fell in love with our new marketing brochure – we are so excited to watch our practice grow with the help and partnership of HSS.
    Amy L. Rodek, MA, CCP
    Director of Marketing & Communications, Orthopedic Center of Illinois, Springfield, IL
  • By the end of the this month, I will have seen more than 100 more patients than the same month last year, which is a huge improvement ( almost an entire extra month’s worth of patients in just 2 months)!
    Dr. Charon
    ENT Associates of Worcester, Putnam, CT
  • The training that Lori has provided to myself and my staff has been advantageous during the start up of our practice. She has a keen sense for picking up on small details, that she is able to constructively bring to the forefront during training sessions bringing awareness to how they may be handled in a more professional manner.She is altruistic with her knowledge and training and has helped strengthen our awareness to become the most exemplary office staff in town.
    Nikki Hickle
    Fitzmaurice Hand Institute, Scottsdale, AZ
  • A very interesting way to understand medical activity from a useful business prespective.
    Xavier Benet
    Lacoco Comunicació S. L., Barcelona, Spain
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