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Television. Radio. Print Advertising. Medical Journals. There are many ways to effectively market medical businesses, but none are as cost-effective or as credible as public relations (PR). The credibility in public relations comes from the media featuring a business in their news articles, essentially endorsing the featured company, product or expert, all at no cost. At this point, you may be asking yourself a few questions… “How does PR relate to my business?” “Why would the media be interested in me?” “How can I get in front of the media with my story?”

People are Interested in What I Have to Say?

Yes, the media is interested in what doctors and medical experts have to say, if the message is packaged correctly and relevant to their audience. Depending on the size of your media market, public relations can take you from being an unknown to being the local healthcare expert of record, available to comment on this year’s flu, changes in health insurance or other major health stories that are sweeping across the country.

How Does PR Relate to My Business?

PR relates to each and every business that offers a product or service. Often, media coverage comes down to who is promoting the news. Even when news may not be unique to a certain business, it’s the business that is first to promote this news that gets the coverage.

How Do I Get in Front of The Media?

Getting in front of the media requires a skilled PR pro that can properly package a message and pique the interest of the right reporters. Healthcare Success’ PR department has a long track record of proactively promoting clients within the healthcare space to both trade and consumer media, resulting in greater notoriety, more referrals and more patients.

How Healthcare Success Earns Media For Clients

Healthcare Success earns media for clients by taking a fresh look at the client’s business goals and objectives. Then we create a custom-built plan of action that outlines our approach to pitching media relevant to the client’s area of medicine and their patient-base. Through this attention to detail we’re able to gain coverage that’s appropriate to the client and helps grow the business’ revenue.

Why Healthcare Success?

Our approach to public relations is founded in real-world knowledge of what works to gain media coverage in both local and national news outlets. We craft a public relations plan that is tailored to your needs and is designed to enhance your business’ position within the healthcare marketplace.

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